Zentangle Explosion

Zentangle Explosion

A throw back to the 60s

I normally do not express my political opinions. I will never post in this blog expressing my personal political beliefs. I do have opinions but you are not going to hear them in this blog However, I am a retired federal employee and if I was still working, I would be on furlough right now. I went through the process back in the 1990’s and it wasn’t fun. I feel for my fellow federal employees and I wish them well and hope they can return to their jobs soon

This post with my Zentangle Explosion piece and a song written by John Lennon, one of the greatest legends of our time, represents my overall feelings of what is happening in the United States and abroad. We have the greatest country and our government cannot get together to keep it open, it is a shame and embarrassment. We are in fear for a unknown terrorist strike. Where will the next one be? Terrorist are all over the world, including our own country where our children are terrorized in their schools by mentally ill individuals and bullying. What is happening to this country and our world?

Take a moment to look at my painting and listening to the words of John Lennon’s song Imagine. John Lennon wrote this song because I believe he was frustrated with the world at that time and in today’s world we still need this song to give us hope.

3 thoughts on “Zentangle Explosion

  1. God is with is to bring us through the storm. I can’t imagine not receiving a paycheck when I should be; my heart breaks for those of the innocence.


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