YOU MUST BELIEVE …music song by Cher

If You B elieve
If You B elieve

The words of this song by Cher is so powerful and emotional that I “believe” I will heal.  Listen to the wonderful words of this song and look at the beautiful colors of this journal page.  This is who I really am, a happy, cheerful and inspiring person and I pledge to try and keep my pages this way.  I cannot promise not being in a dark place at times, but I am pushing myself out of it by creating these journal pages and posting them in this blog.  I love using music along with the art because together they make me happy.  Just looking at the colors and vibrancy of this double page can’t help to make anyone happy.  It is not about the art, it is about the meaning behind the art and what it makes you feel.  This page and the music makes me happy and I want it to make you happy also.

If you like my blog please follow me and post a comment here, I would love to hear from you how my postings are helping you in the path of healing.

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