I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

Approval not needed

This is an example of a visual journal page where I have something very important to express but I am not very happy with the outcome of the page. It is dark and not what I envisioned. However, it is okay because my words are what I feel and this is the purpose of a visual journal to express your feelings!!

It appears all my pages are somewhat dark and this is the place I am now in my life. It isn’t typical of me because I see myself as a happy and optimistic person. I am working hard to remove the darkness in my life. I need and want to be happy again but I am learning you need to go through darkness at times throughout your life but always remember to work towards the brighter side of your life at all times until you eventually get there. It is a process and let’s see how it unveils itself here in my blog.

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