Visual Journal – September 2, 2013

Visual Journal - September 2, 2013


Life certainly has its ups and downs and I am certainly feeling the downs. This represents my feelings lately. I am looking for happiness and I will not give up until I find it.

3 thoughts on “Visual Journal – September 2, 2013

  1. I have seen this saying on Facebook recently. Do you know where the quote comes from? Or did someone copy yours?! (It was on a picture and posted on 15 September). It is a great quote and I reposted it myself because I loved it so much. So true for an abuser!


    1. Yes it is a great quote. I collect all the quotes I see on Facebook and this one came from there. I changed the ending which said …only then will you realize what a piece of shit you are. I am a better person than he is so I chose not to use that ending and added my own.


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