This morning I turned on the television to watch a show I saved on DVR. I enjoy watching TV while I am sipping my coffee. I chose to click on The Voice from last night. In a previous post I explained I find inspiration in every form of media such as television, movies or books.…Read more »


I would like to use my voice here on my blog as an open letter to the writers, directors and actors of the new sitcom on ABC, #Speechless. TO THE POWERS TO BE AT #ABC NETWORK, I was looking forward to watching your new sitcom #”Speechless” last week. You can only imagine how thrilled I…Read more »


I am so proud of the city I grew up in and raised my children. It is the city of brotherly love and I hope we show a lot of love this week. Enjoy the following pictures and videos I am sharing of my beloved city. scrapperjudedesigns.files.wordpress”><img src="; alt="img_0843" class="alignnone size-full"