A Smile That Can Light Up A Room

No 8 Jason's portrait 18 months old

No. 10 Jason Graduataes Early Intervention Program

No. 17 Mom and Jason

Our Special Child Jason's Story
Our Special Child
Jason’s Story

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"Smile" Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole

A smile is the first cognitive skill Jason mastered as a baby. He quickly understood if he smiled at somebody he would receive a smile back. Therefore, Jason always smiled. Unfortunately, it is my opinion, he began to depend on his smile all the time, even when he didn’t need it. I tried to teach him other ways to express himself but he always came back with his classic smile.

He began to hide behind his smile. He would never show he was in pain, except occasionally for me. I would ask him if he is in pain, and he would give me a small pout and then smile again. He rarely expressed pain to me, only after a surgical procedure. He believed pain was part of his life.

On December 22, 2006 he found it harder and harder to hide behind his smile with his physical and mental pain. He just couldn’t do it anymore. This is when he left us to a better place where he could finally be in peace and tranquility. I now accept and understand this; it was really hard for a long time. He is now my guardian angel guiding me to help others to smile, be happy with inspirational thoughts and wisdom.

Virtual Hugs to all of you, my friends,

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  1. The children have the biggest smiles; very few understand what is behind a smile. Hannah also has high tolerance to pain and would rarely express it. If she did, it was severe. I can always see a relief when the pain subsides. Smiles go a mile. 🙂

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